Pica Pica are two artist magpies who travel between artisitic events around Europe creating sculpture and décor from the trash which surrounds them.
Adam Varley is an artist blacksmith with over 25 years experience making contemporary sculpture and ironwork.
Tracey is a painter/ illustrator, with a background in public and community art.

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Decoration, Fete de la recup, ressourcerie La Remise, St Maurice pres Pionsat, Sept.2017.

'Gate Guardian'

New resident in the garden, essential for holding 
Adam's wonderful gate open in the wind!

La Bicicleta Journal de l'art, exhibition 'Art Actuel' Dives sur Mer, August 2017.

First time exhibiting at this diverse arts show for Tracey...

Foire des Plantes, Arboretum de Sedelle, May 2017.

Adam's wonderful creations on sale at this annual plant fair...

Projet Epouvantail/ Attirant....(Scarecrow/ Insect hotel project) Lavaveix Les Mines ecole maternelle, Summer term 2017.

Tracey was asked to create a scarecrow with the nursery class...

Adam helped with the frame...
the youngsters helped with the rest...

...but she persuaded them they also needed an insect hotel...

...the kids learned the difference between beasts that help
 us in the garden, and those we would prefer to deter.

Association Arts Musants, Festi recup, Le Gard, May 2017.

Tracey featured in the local newspaper during this great recycling festival.

Recycled tetra pak bag workshops, Gueret, April 2017 and Chambon sur Voueize, June 2017.

Proud creators...up to 23 tetra paks can be repurposed
 to make a strong and versatile basket style handbag.

'L'Esprit de la Main' CMA exhibition, Gueret, March 2017.

Adam's hand sculpture featured on the publicity
 for this Chambre des Metiers annual exhibition.

Fete de la recup, Tricycle Enchanté, Bordeilles. Oct. 2016.

We were both selcted as exhibiting artists 
during this annual celebration of recycling
 in its many forms.

Adam's fish was exhibited on the river bank.

....and Tracey created a new bicycle wheel installation
with some of her own creations....

...and some created during a workshop with local volunteers...

50 or so wheels were installed on the church railings...